Asteroid OreEdit

Asteroid ore


Asteroid Ore is a mineable Resource in Aurora. They cant be pushed away

or moved.

Asteroid Ore is recommended for new players since you you can't get infected unlike mining Tiberium.

Asteroid Mining LaserEdit

Mining laser
This Laser harvests the Ore from the Asteroid and transfers it to the Asteroid Ore Storage.

Mining laser effect

Mining Laser Effect

Asteroid Ore StorageEdit

Asteroid ore storage
The Asteroid Ore Storage stores the Ore harvested by the Asteroid Mining Laser, ready to transport the Ore to the Terminal.

Asteroid Mining ScannerEdit

Asteroid scanner
With this Scanner you can see how much Ore is left in the Asteroid you are mining with your Asteroid Mining Laser.

Asteroid BeltsEdit

Asteroid belt

Lower Belt

There are two Asteroid Belts on every Server with a maximum of 40 Asteroids in both Belts, they respawn after a short time they depleted. Only in these Belts are Asteroids, nowhere else. You can only reach them with a Ship or an Autominer because they are in Space.
Asteroid belt2

Upper Belt

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