Chat CommandsEdit

There are a few Chat Commands on Aurora. Most of them are available if you have VIP.

Commands available for all Users:Edit

!afk #reasonEdit

Sets your Status to AFK with Reason #reason

Example: !afk lunch


Stops looping Sounds 

for Example the Sounds emitted by Generators.

!playername #playernameEdit

Sets your Ingame name to #playername.

Example: !playername DarkAngel (will set your name to DarkAngel)

if your Name contains two separate Words like Dark Angel you need to write:

!playername "Dark Angel"

The Namechange is only visible on Aurora Servers.

!give #playername #creditsEdit

Gives Credits to another player.

Example: !give DarkAngel 100 (will give DarkAngel 100 credits)

Commands available Users with VIP:Edit


Teleports you to your Target.

You can also bind this Command typing:

bind G "au tp"

in your Console. Now every time you Press G you will teleport.

!tp #playername #playername2Edit

Teleports #playername to #playername2.

Exampe: !tp tech dark (will teleport Techbot to DarkAngel)

!bring #playernameEdit

Teleports #playername to you.

Example: !bring DarkAngel (you can also short it like !bring dark)

!goto #playernameEdit

Teleports you to #playername.

Example: !goto DarkAngel (you can also short it like !goto dark)
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