Custom E2 functionsEdit

Life SupportEdit


Returns how much the entity can hold of S resource if entity is a node.


Returns how much the entity has of S resource if entity is a node.


Unknown (same as rdGetAmount(S)?)

entity:pump(entity ent2,string res,number amount)Edit

Modifies the entity with the given settings if entity is a pump.
Connects entity to ent2 if both are Life Support pumps.

entity:link(entity ent2)Edit

Links ent2 to the entity if entity is a node and ent2 is a Life Support compatible entity.

entity:unLink(entity ent2)Edit

Unlinks ent2 from entity if entity is a node and ent2 is a Life Support compatible entity, and linked to entity.

If no ent2 is specified, entity will unlink from all entities it is currently linked to if entity is a node.



Returns an array of entities, the entities are all the planets


Same as above, just with stars. 
(This function doesn't work on the current map that aurora is running.)


Returns a table with enviroment information

General E2Edit


example: 123456789 will be changed to 123,456,789


Gets the current Sequence of the Entity

entity:sequenceLookUp(string name)Edit

Looks up the Sequence by Name
example Idle = NPC:sequenceLookup("idle")

entity:sequenceDuration(string name)Edit

Gets the Duration of the Named Sequence, usefull to time several Sequences

entity:sequenceSet(number id)Edit

Sets the Sequence. Doesn't override

entity:sequenceReset(number id)Edit

Resets the Sequence. Overrides the Current Sequence and Resets it

entity:sequenceSetCycle(number frame)Edit

Sets the Sequence to a specific frame 
(you might want to set it to 0 to fix errors)

entity:sequenceSetRate(number speed)Edit

Sets the Sequence speed

entity:setPoseParameter(string param, number value)Edit

Sets the Called Parameter.
For example: Turret:setPoseParameter("aim_yaw",N)
You can lookup the Names in the Modelviewer.
Download page:


this returns a wirelink from the given entity, if this entity is a wire entity
given example will make a wirelink with the wire entity that the chip is welded to
example: Wirelink = entity():isWeldedTo():getWirelink()


Makes a wirelink on the given entity, if the entity is a wire entity


Removes a wirelink on the given entity, if the entity is a wire entity

entity:particleCreate(string particle, vector pos, angle ang)Edit

Creates a partice at a specific vector and angle

entity:particleAttach(string particle)Edit

Attaches a Particle to the Entity

entity:particleBeam(string particle, entity ent)Edit

Creates a Particle Beam between the current and selected entity
ATTN: you cannot target Players


Stops the Particle/ParticleBeam

fx(string effect, vector origin, vector start, angle ang, magnitude, scale)Edit

Creates a fx (Tracers etc.)



Returns 1 if entity is VIP


Returns 1 if entity is Moderator


Returns 1 if entity is Admin


Returns 1 if entity is SuperAdmin


Returns 1 if entity is Owner


Returns the amount of credits the given entity has


Returns the amount of score the given entity has

entity:giveCredits(number amount)Edit

You give the given entity X amount if credits, if the entity is a player

N=resourcePrice(string res)Edit

Returns the sell price of X resource
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