At the moment no Faction has any benefits or specialising they will be added later as the features are implemented ingame. They also have no locked model at the moment


This is the default faction for every player until another faction is joined. This faction has no bonuses

Spawn Point: Serenity

Player Color: Grey

New Lunar RepublicEdit

Luna logo

Leader: Ghost400

Requirements: none at the moment

Spawn Point: Kaepora

Player Color: Blue

The Solar EmpireEdit

Solar empire logo

Leader: Randomic

Requirements: 24 hours of playtime on Aurora Servers

Spawn Point: Outpost 47

Player Color: Orange

The ChangelingsEdit

Poster queen chrysalis

Temporary Changelings Poster

Leader: Techbot

Requirements: none at the moment

Spawn Point: Necronis

Player Color: Green

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