Mining in AuroraEdit

There are currently two different ways of mining in Aurora. Asteroid mining, and Tiberium mining.

You can mine manually or use Autominers.

Asteroid MiningEdit

If you choose Asteroid mining you mine asteroids in space. You need to use an Asteroid Mining Laser and Asteroid Ore Storages. Additionaly you can use the Asteroid Scanner, which gives you information about how much Ore the current Asteroid has.

Tiberium MiningEdit

If you choose Tiberium mining you mine Tiberium Crystals, which you can find on the planet Kaepora. You need to use a Tiberium Mining Extractor and Tiberium Storage. You can't use a Scanner for Tiberium, but it has Storage Holders instead, which you don't need to use, but it'll help Tiberium mining.

Manual MiningEdit


Manual Miner Tiberium

Mining with a self controlled Miner in a vehicle that uses an Expression2 or a GyroPod for movement and has no or partially automated functions.

Auto MiningEdit


Autominer Asteroid Ore

Autominers are miners controlled by Gates or Expression 2. The Mining Process can be fully or half automated. For Auto Mining you need good knowledge of wiremod and it's functions.

Entity Names for Expression2Edit

Terminal: au_terminal

Asteroid: au_roid

Asteroid Mining Laser: au_ore_laser

Asteroid Scanner: au_ore_scanner

Asteroid Ore Storage: au_ore_storage

Tiberium: au_tib_crystal

Tiberium Mining Extractor: au_tib_extractor

Tiberium Ore Storage: au_tib_storage

Tiberium Storage Holder: au_tib_storage_holder

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