Tiberium big

A Full grown Tiberium Crystal

Tiberium is a mineable resource in Aurora.

for more information about Tiberium mining visit the Mining Page.

Tiberium is more dangerous to mine than Asteroid Ore. If you're close to them you eventually die by Radiation.

Tiberium StagesEdit

Tiberium also has 4 Stages of Crystals.

Tiberium small

First State

  • First Stage
    Tiberium small unstable

    Small Unstable Tiberium


Tiberium medium

Second Stage

  • Second Stage (Medium)
Tiberium medium unstable

Medium Unstable Tiberium

Tiberium big

The Final Stage

  • Third Stage (Big)
Tiberium big unstable

Big Unstable Tiberium

Unstable TiberiumEdit

Stable extractor

Stable Tiberium Extractor Effect

If Tiberium is in this state then you can mine it theres still a low chance that your entities will be infected by touching the crystal

Unstable extractor

Unstable tiberium extractor effect

but if your Tiberium Extractor Effect looks like in this image then you should stop the Tiberium Extractor and move the Miner to another Crystal. You can also be infected when touching unstable crystals.

Tib cloud

Unstable Tiberium Explosion

Otherwise your miner becomes instantly infected with this explosion.

Tiberium InfectionEdit

2012-04-29 15-39-06


When your miner is infected then all constrainted entities will be destroyed over time by the Tiberium Infection.

Infected storage

Infected Tiberium Storage

Not accepted storage

Infected Tiberium Storages wont be accepted by the Tiberium Refinery.

Tiberium Mining ExtractorEdit

Tiberium extractor

A Tiberium Mining Extractor

This Device is used to Mine Tiberium.

Requires 15 seconds to reach maximum mining speed

Tiberium StorageEdit

Tiberium storage

A singe Tiberium Storage MK I

This Storage is used to hold Liquid Tiberium extracted by the Mining Extractor.

Tiberium Storage HolderEdit

Storage holder

Tiberium Storage Holder Empty

Tiberium Storage Holders are used to easily move Tiberium Storages on a miner without welding and unwelding them always.

It requires no energy

Storage holder full

Tiberium Storage Holder Full

Tiberium RefineryEdit

Tiberium refinery
the Tiberium Refinery is used to store Tiberium to the Terminal for accessing the Resource and Refining it.
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